Program Details

Comment from a Former Apprentice

“Learning and practicing the specific ways that can we can be in healthy  relationship  with  nature  brought  meaning  to  my  experiences   of   God   in   nature.   I   have   always   felt   a   closeness   to   God   when  learning  about  nature  or  being  out  in  creation,  so  having   the   opportunity   to   go   deeper   to   connect   with   the   roots   of   our responsibility in relating to nature was deeply meaningful to me.”  Lisa Carlson

Living Arrangements

Live in intentional community with other participants.

  • Room:  Shared house with living space and kitchen
  • Board:  Dining room for some meals and cooking group meals primarily



Sample Weekly Schedule

  • Sunday:  Church worshiping community and Sabbath
  • Monday-Tuesday:  Community formation and Food Truck Apprenticeship
  • Wednesday:  Christian spiritual formation classes and program integration with Nancy and Sam
  • Thursday-Friday:  Service Learning and Permaculture Nature Projects
  • Saturday:  Sabbath

Monthly Schedule

  • September
    • Spirituality courses, plus spiritual formation and program integration with the Nancy & Sam
    • Holistic Financial Planning
    • Permaculture projects and work exchange
    • Learn the ecology of the community land
  • October
    • All of the above as regular monthly schedule
    • Sacred Quest Wilderness Rite of Passage, ten days of the month
  • November
    • Regular monthly schedule
    • One week break for Thanksgiving
  • December
    • Regular monthly schedule
    • Two weeks break over Christmas and New Year’s
  • January, February, March, April, MayIMGP7899
    • Permaculture course
    • Regular monthly schedule, including spirituality courses and permaculture projects
    • One week off for Easter
  • June
    • Regular monthly schedule for first two weeks
    • Full-time on the Food Truck
  • July
    • Full-time on the Food Truck
  • First week of August
    • Closing ritual and retreat

Tuition Cost

$8,500 (Approximated total market value of the program’s components:  $28,000)

The financial model for the apprenticeship is based on two components:

1) hands-on work exchange, which is a core investment by the apprentices; and 2) mission-service fund raising of the $8,500.

The participants will work in exchange with those providing training and services with program collaborators and beyond.  We encourage participants to seek mission-service support from families, friends, faith communities, and other supporters in raising funds for their tuition.

Participant Miscellaneous Expenses

$200/month Participants receive this amount to offset incidental costs during the 11 months.  Thus, the overall cost of the program is $8,500 minus $2,200, or a total of $6,300 for the 11-month program.