A Center for Initiating Contemplatives in Action

Love of God, Love of Nature, Love of Neighbor

Do these resonate with you?
Do you want to explore how these can shape your daily life?

If so, we invite you to discern if God is calling you to a year with Emergence.


Our mission is to empower those in their 20s to mid-30s to contribute to a regenerative, joyful, thriving, and just world by embodying their unique callings.  We engage young adults who seek to explore the way of contemplation in community and whose passion for nature and social justice shapes their vision.  Over 11 months, we offer apprenticeships that integrate holistic skills and sensibilities into meaningful life patterns.

Together we develop practical skills in nature and offer wilderness experiences, direct service to communities in need, contemplative spiritual formation and discernment skills, and living in intentional community. We invite apprentices to practice love of God, neighbor, and self, where “neighbor” includes nature.

We imagine a variety of doors that a person might be attracted to in this program:

Inyos and sage

  • One might be a spirituality door:  people who want to deepen their experiences and relationship with God, to explore contemplation as a hopeful resource for life, as well as those who want to clarify for themselves how their faith can shape their daily life.
  • Another might be a nature door: people who deeply care about human relationship with nature and our responsibility for contributing to its regenerative character, as well as those whose connection with nature shapes their spiritual experiences and/or their activism.
  • Another might be a social justice & direct service door:  those hoping to make a difference in our human community by addressing the extensive needs around food justice.
  • Another might be an intentional community door:  those longing to live in community with intentionality and support. Discovering how to live creatively where everyone’s needs matter—human and nature alike—calls for the encouragement and challenge of others committed to the path.  Those desiring experiences of collaboration and synergy might be drawn here.
  • Another might be a door to developing life skills:  those wanting to explore their relationship with money, time management, food and exercise, technology and leisure, rest and work, etc.
  • Yet another might be a vocation door:  those longing to discern their next steps in life, trusting that nature and service are powerful ways that God guides and supports our callings, as well as those longing to practice Sabbath and know they are claimed as God’s Beloved.
  • Finally, another might be an intelligible faith door:  those who want a congruity between what they think intellectually, feel emotionally, know intuitively, and sense physically in their bodies, as they live a spiritually-sourced life in this time when the urgency of ecological awakening is dawning more and more.

Implementing Our Mission:  In as many aspects as possible, our structure and program are designed to consider how the needs of people, of the earth, and justice interface.  We aim toward contemplation in action, embodying the hope of belonging to God and being God’s Beloved in the world.

We use a creative and frugal economy, blending market, barter, and gift economies.  Together these three create a work exchange model to keep tuition at a minimum and to implement a service learning pedagogy.  Such hands-on learning allows for the apprentices’ meaningful contribution, all the while being mentored to integrate new experiences at physical, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual levels.

We begin the first week of September and go through the first week of August, with four weeks break for holidays.  The program components include: